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There was a problem with the jingling music it keeps going after the flash was done but other then that this was another great flash to watch! Keep up the great work and marry Christmas! 5/5


This flash had a very interesting style and was done very well! I didn't see anything wrong with your work and would like to see more flashes like this so keep up the great work. 5/5


Wow I found this to be funny as hell! I love how they give out such "helpful tips" and seem so clueless on how to play the game it was great! Can't wait to the next episode of awesome video games. 5/5

FarFromSubtle responds:

Rock on ADT!

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This game was really addective and fun! I thought it would be a good idea if after every five levels or so you could have an ally come out to help you and based on your score when the ally comes out he could have a better weapon. Then with the fake walls could be use to make a base for your allys and insted of your shots destroying the fake walls the should go over and then give the zombies the abilty to destroy the fake wall. Overall I thought this game was really well done and I'm adding it to my favorites! 5/5


I think you should just put all the other sound boards that your planing to make into one big soundboard because this soundboard didn't have a lot to click on. You did do a good job with the sounds and I thought it was funny on the misc page how all the people you saved in the game said the same thing. Overall I thought this was an OK soundboard but there needs to be more sounds to pick. 2/5

0celot responds:

I will do the 2nd and 3rd one on their own and then fuse them all together with more sounds :P


I couldn't find anything wrong with this soundboard it was done very well! I had a fun time playing around with all the sounds. Overall I thought you did a great job with this soundboard! 5/5

wizardman responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it.

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This beat sounded very interesting and was well done overall I liked it. Keep up the great work. 5/5


The intro might of been a little slower then I like but it was still a good audio! Overall I thought this was a good audio that was done pretty well. 4/5


This audio was really interesting and sounded great! I didn't hear anything wrong with this audio so keep up the great work. 5/5

extractor responds:

thanks ;)

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